Fun Ways to Get Your Apartment Kitchen More Organized

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Organization is the key to keeping the high-end kitchens in our apartments in Kansas City looking new and pristine. Don't think of organizing your kitchen as a boring task, rather, have fun getting it organized using these three clever ideas. Extra storage on wheels is always handy. Store a folding cart with compartments in a bare space in your … [Read more...]

Kansas City is Drawing a Millennial Crowd

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Millennial crowds are flocking to Kansas City to live, work and play. Many are looking for spacious homes to live in. A 2-bed 2-bath apartment in Kansas City, like we offer at our Province of Briarcliff complex, are in high demand from the millennial crowd. Here is why Kansas City is a draw for the millennial generation: Over the past decade, Kansas … [Read more...]

Simple Ideas for Healthy and Easy School Lunches

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Your Kansas City apartment can get quite hectic when you're trying to do everything from getting your kids ready for school to preparing lunches for the day. Trying to create healthy lunches can also add to your stressful morning. Take a deep breath, and try these three simple ideas for easy and healthy school lunches: Make your kids a healthy … [Read more...]

Kansas City Supports the Arts

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We want to share with our Kansas City apartment community the wonderful ways our city is embraces the arts. Art in all forms makes life in Kansas City so much more enjoyable. Here is more information on ways Kansas City is supporting the arts: The arts in Kansas City are an important part of building successful communities and finding great talent. … [Read more...]

Tips to Get Started Making Kansas City Apartment Your Own

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Have you decided it's time to start decorating your apartment in Kansas City? ┬áHere are six decorating tips that will help to get you started on making your Kansas City apartment your own: Before you begin decorating, you'll need to set a budget and discover your style. Look around your apartment to figure out what you like and what you would … [Read more...]

Add a Beautiful Design Element to Your Bookshelves

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When you're decorating your apartment in Kansas City, add beautiful design elements to your bookshelves to make them stand out. Enhancing your bookshelves will give the room they're displayed in a designer look. Follow these steps for adding beautiful detail to your bookshelves: Measure the width and height of the spaces between the shelves on … [Read more...]

Fun Places to Beat the Heat in Kansas City

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Sometimes it's just too hot to be outside, but you still need to find something fun to do to keep entertained. There are great indoor places to go in Kansas City that are near your Province of Briarcliff apartment. Here are three fun places you should definitely check out: Spend a fun day learning and playing at Science City at 30 W. Pershing Road. … [Read more...]

Try Missouri’s New State Exercise

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We want everyone from our Kansas City apartments to get off of the couch and start doing some jumping jacks. It's one of the easiest things to do in Kansas City to get fit, and it's now the official state exercise. Here's how jumping jacks became the new state exercise: Recently, Governor Jay Nixon signed the bill to make jumping jacks the new state … [Read more...]

Missouri Has Some of the Best Food in the States

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Our Province of Briarcliff apartment community has more incentive than ever to try the most popular restaurants in Kansas City, because Missouri was recently ranked high on the list of the best food in the States. Check out the following details about Missouri making this list: Thrillist composed a list that ranked the states by their food and … [Read more...]

Have You Tried the World’s Largest Water Slide Yet?

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Do you have the nerve to ride the world's largest water slide near your Kansas City apartment? It's called Verruckt, which means "insane" in German. It's going to be one of the most adventurous Kansas City attractions you'll ever try. Here are more details about this exhilarating waterslide: Schlitterbahn Water Park at 9400 State Avenue features … [Read more...]