5 Great Ideas for a Handmade Valentine’s Day

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This Valentine’s Day, don’t throw money at generic boxes of chocolates and bouquets.  Handmade items like DIY Valentine’s Day cards, decorations, and gifts can add a thoughtful touch and really impress your valentine.  Here are five ideas to inspire you for your handmade Valentine’s Day this year.

  1. Handmade decorations – These Valentine Luminaries or Heart Garlands can help set the tone for your romantic dinner at home.  These projects reuse items, which is a great way to help your efforts to go green.
  2. Tech gifts – Portable devices need protection.  This tutorial shows an Upcycled Kindle Case, but it can be easily adapted to any device.
  3. Sweets – Everyone loves sweets on Valentine’s Day!  Making your own truffles isn’t difficult and this recipe for Vegan Truffles looks delicious!
  4. DIY Valentine’s Day cards – These Paper Strip Valentine Cards  and 3-D Hearts Card are perfect for someone of any age to make.
  5. Jewelry – This is always a popular Valentine’s Day gift.  A Recycled Gift Card Necklace or Chevron Earrings make for unique personalized gift ideas.

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