Save Money While Grocery Shopping in Kansas City!

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Save money while shopping in Kansas City

So you wanted to cook dinner in your Province of Briarcliff apartment home tonight, but instead of buying just dinner, you bought enough food to feed the entire city of Kansas City. While doing so, you spent waaaay to much money! Grocery shopping can be fun but it can also be extremely hard. Sometimes you go to get one thing but get a cart full. Here are two essential grocery tips from that will hopefully make grocery shopping a more enjoyable and cheap experience for you!

  1. Don’t go shopping for food when you’re hungry. You’re more apt to pick up the Doritos and Milky Way bars and you’ll probably pick up much more than you’ll really need.
  2. Shop when the store is less crowded, usually in the morning or on Wednesdays. That way you can really take the time to think about what it is that you need versus what you want.
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